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PHAZE highlights emerging and popular artists of today's music and art scene. Our online magazine, print ZINE and weekly radio show bend and expand how we value and discover art by creating an inclusive community for all artists to shine. We bring together those who inspire, create and dig deep into their passions. We encourage artists of all forms to be a part of the PHAZE that views and appreciates art for art.

Started in September 2017, PHAZE is comprised of three main platforms. 

  • Our online magazine
  • Our biannual print ZINE
  • Our weekly radio show

These platforms allow our featured artists to gain the most exposure as possible. Our audience and readers can scroll through our magazine, read our ZINE or listen to our radio show… whichever way, there is no way you can't interact with PHAZE. Our weekly articles explore the latest updates in music, art, culture and entertainment. We stay in the loop of mainstream media while offering critical ways of examining the music and artists we have all come to love. Our features shine a spotlight on some of the most talented emerging artists around the world. From design and illustration to singing and music production, there are thousands of creatives who have mastered their art, but don't have the right platforms to express and showcase it. Our features serve as a way for emerging artists to gain the right exposure amongst a community of creatives. Our biannual print ZINE serves as a tangible ode to the original form of magazines. We believe in keeping print alive. Flipping through the vibrant art that graces each page can be more affirming or inspiring than any online published work. The artists we feature on PHAZE are special, and they deserve to feel that way.

PHAZE Magazine is not just a phase, but a movement into pushing the boundaries of media and how we view it. Multimedia is our main goal, and we strive to always deliver in new, interesting and innovative ways. We are not only a platform, but a global community of artists who understand that great art may not always have the most following or likes. At PHAZE, we take a leap into the unknown and give an opportunity, space and voice to the emerging artists who will soon be our future. If no has told told you this today, you are doing great. We see you. We believe in you. And that's why PHAZE was built for creatives just like you.

Welcome to the next PHAZE of art and music.