Fringes Documentary


Directed by Ines Donfack 

Write up by Sasha Jones

Visit to help support our cause. Montgomery County, Maryland is the 12th wealthiest county in the nation. Yet, over 60,000 people in the area live below the poverty line. 8% of all children in our county are poor.

FRINGES is a short documentary that looks at pockets of poverty in Montgomery County, one of the richest in the United States.

Despite the soft gaze director Ines Donfack often uses in her photography and videography, she depicts the harsh realities that many low-income teens and children face in their communities.

“There are a lot of issues in Montgomery County, but poverty and children have always sort of been the thing that moves me the most,” Donfack said. “I knew it would hit home for many.”

In collaboration with one of her high school teachers, Sean Pang, Donfack has created the Fringes Scholarship to assist low-income high school seniors in pursuing college.

Their debut goal is $1,000, which they hope to collect through donations.


You can donate to Ines and the Fringes scholarship, here:

Meet Ines Donfack, the 17-year-old creative, in a PHAZE exclusive interview: