Meet Geonna Moore


Interview by Sophie Austin | Edited by Sydney Hamilton


✨ Geonna Moore is a junior at American University who has been drawn to the process of creating poetry since she was in middle school. Here are her thoughts on the journey of being a poet: 

Q: What made you start writing poetry and when did you begin?

A: For me, a notebook and pen have always been Home-- my center for utmost comfort and relaxation. I fell in love 10 years ago in a 5th grade classroom. It wasn't a boy or a silly crush that I mistook for the love of my life... but a deeper connection that I found within myself, with myself. I fell in love with poetry. It became my favorite form of self expression.


Q: Who/what do you find inspires your poems? Do you carry around a journal and take notes on anything in your everyday life that piques your interest?

A: I find that I’m often inspired by my own everyday experiences, as well as the experiences of those around me. I used to carry around a journal and pen and write down whatever came across my mind throughout the day, but as I grew older I found myself writing when I was deeply emotionally moved by something or someone.


Q: Do you find yourself interested in a specific subject, object, or theme that repeatedly comes across in your writing?

A: No, not really. My writing ranges between all subject matter. I think I’ve written about love more than anything just because that’s an emotion I experience everyday, but I write about my Blackness, my ancestry, happiness, depression, etc. I try not to limit myself, because the beauty in poetry is that it can mean anything you want it to mean.


Q: How often do you experience writer’s block? What helps to allow your ideas to flow once again?

A: I experience writer’s block once in awhile, but I usually don’t write as often as I have in the past, because of college (lol). Whenever I do experience a block, I listen to music which is extremely therapeutic for me.


Q: Why do you continue to produce poetic content. What is it about poetry that keeps drawing you to it?

A: As it was 10 years ago, it still is a very deep passion of mine. I love how I can express my deepest thoughts without having to say a word. When the words are on paper, they sort of take a life of their own, and I think that is beauty in its truest form. When I write poetry, I don’t want people to read and imagine what I was personally going through. I want readers to take those words and attribute them to their own personal lives.  


Here are Some of her Poems:

When I Love

You may have heard of a loving

But trust, nothing like this before.

See, when I love,

It's unrealistic, pulling you from inquisitions to answers.

When I love,

It's like diving into a pool full of blood deep and thick

Because we know love ain't love if it ain't thick

My "Beloved".

See, when I love,

I love strong and tightly

Like the chains wrapped around my ancestors wrists

I can hear their screams in my dreams

Dreams of crawling

They didn't want their hopes too high

The height of their intelligence loosely locked behind the master’s eye.

See, I knew that the color of my skin would determine my fate

So, when I love

I love for the fallen brothers & sisters

For the children growing up calling their daddies mister

I love for the amount of RIPs I see within a year

For the pain and suffering my ancestors endured

I love for the aching backs of people who carry the same amount of melanin

1000 lbs. of melanin + 1000 lbs. of hatred

That equals 2000 lbs of suffering

Funny how equality is a reaching concept.

See, when I love

Thoughts arise of blood sweat and tears

In which my people were smothered

I love for the children out there never being mothered

See, when I love,

I envision us gripping the first taste of fresh air

After holding our breaths underwater for 300+ years

I see us still not breathing because white supremacy has a tight grip on our throats

I love for the fact that we may never see the day we can breathe again

Rest easy Brother Garner .

See, when I love

I love hard & infinitely

With the same infinity that my loved ones bear

I love for the 16-18 year olds selling their souls for singles

Walking on eggshells with the impact of shingles

I love for them because they know no better.

All we see today is everybody trying to be the next trendsetter

But what trends are being set if not success & intellect ?

They call it life but we call it survival

Because we never know what to expect.

So when I love,

I love for those taking every moment as if it were their last

I love for the poets using the pen to share their past

See, when I love

I love for those that can’t see that this Brown matter takes us space

Because #BlackLivesMatter

See, when I love,

It's for the good who die young

For the tea and skittles

For the failure to signal

For the unity we’re still fighting for

When I love,

I love for the Black bodies.

We feel the pain of our brothers and sisters

So shoot me like you did my brother

Since I’m behind this mic and I’m Brown

Kill me and say I did it

Don’t pretend you don’t understand

We all know what you did to my sister Sandra Bland

Shoot me for being proud of my Black skin .

Ignore my cries for justice because I love for your compassion .

See, when I love

I love for the abnormalities and twisted processes of the mind

Especially those that arrive to the conclusion

That racism & discrimination no longer exist

But we know that that's nothing but a societal delusion

So, when I love

I love for the Black history

The trees on our backs, pain rooted in our blood

Young lives lost as a result of their skin, so you can say

I’m what you call in my bag

Gotta tread lightly, so I won’t become the next hashtag.

My ancestors raised the veil of ignorance when they made a vow to sacrifice

In Holy Matrimony, yeah they resembled Jesus

Dismantle the color line? I mean we did in our hearts.

Tan, Brown, Black- beauty that deserves to be part of the arts

You see, this is why I love

For a world that will remain in my dreams of a better place

And for everyone who yearns for that same freedom

But most importantly, I love the way I do

Because not everyone can.

Black is My Favorite Color

Black is my favorite color

And I can only smile at the reasons why.

You see, I’ve always found it odd that Black means

Absence of light

When we are the "earthly manifestation of the Sun"

Courtesy of the Sky.

So yes, we are lit in more ways than one.

Black is my favorite color

Five letters hidden within a six letter word


Growing up I taught myself that beauty is spelled


Teachers tried to tell me I was wrong

They never understood how the darkest color could be my favorite

But I knew that Black was magic.

Black was strength.

Black was courage.

Black was love.

Black was light.

Black was waking up every morning knowing I was part of that magic

Black was knowing who I was in my soul

Knowing where I came from and where I wanted to go

Knowing that no matter how much pain was attributed to Black

It would still be my favorite color.

Black is still all that and a bag of bbq lays chips that come in a black bag.

Black is still strength

Still courage

Still love

Black is still light.

Black is still me waking up every morning knowing I am part of this magic.

Black is still knowing who I am in my soul

Knowing where I come from and where I am going

Knowing that no matter how many times people try to change my mind,

And prove to me that Black can’t shine,

Black will forever be my favorite color

Because Black is the most beautiful, brightest color there is.