How to Get Over Artist’s Block


Written by Amber Shemesh


Everyone is capable of creating art. It takes practice, time and research to find your artistic style, but along the way, you may find yourself stuck in a creative rut. To alleviate this “artist’s block,” here are some things you can do:

1.  Go for a walk outside

Sometimes, you need to let your mind wander, and walking allows you to do that. Additionally, the change in scenery can help spark your imagination.


2. Grab a pen and draw continuously

Drawing with pen is a bit daunting at first, considering you can’t go back and erase any lines, but that’s that best part about it. You are free of any inhibitions, and you can create whatever comes to your head.


3. Try creating with a new medium

Experimenting with different mediums can help you expand the scope of your art. You can try photography, painting, printmaking, sculpture, etc. Even within those mediums, try not to limit yourself to traditional types of materials; for example, you can make a sculpture out of recycled objects.


4. Draw something you love

It can be your favorite animal, person, place or even sport; the main point is to just draw something you love (or at least like) that will make you happy to draw in the first place.


5. Go to an art museum

Find an art museum nearby, and explore it. Even if you don’t find a piece that particularly speaks to you, you’ll be able to see different works that may inspire you to create with a different style or choose a different subject. Along the way, you’ll also be able to discover new artists as potential sources of inspiration.


6. Jot down, or sketch, every idea you come up with

Whenever you see something striking, jot down a description of the visual in your phone or on paper. Often times, when I’m stuck thinking about what to draw or create, I resort to the description of visuals in my phone for inspiration. An alternative, or addition, to this is to bring a sketchbook with you and sketch whatever you see.


7. Get in touch with other artists

One of the most inspiring things is listening to people speak about their passion(s), and if that passion happens to be art, then even better for you! Find other artists, and get in touch with them. Chances are, they’ve been in a similar situation as you have, and they can give you advice. Even if they haven’t, worst comes to worst, you end up having a conversation with someone who’s had his/her own experience with art; that isn’t so bad if you ask me!


8. Take a break... step back from your art

Most of the time, a simple break from creating art is all that’s needed to cure your artist’s block. Whether that break is one hour long or one week long, giving yourself time away from your art is a crucial step to maintaining your sanity and creativity. Spending too much time creating art can make you hypercritical of your work or even make you feel like you’re an extension of your art. Give yourself the time and space to distinguish yourself from your work.


Ultimately, there is nothing stopping you from making whatever you want to make. Once you free yourself from trying to make “good” art, you can start to make authentic art.


Edited by Sydney Hamilton

Cover Art by Amber Shemesh


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