Welcome Leo Season! 🦁💫 New Moon Affirmations

As new moons and retrogrades come around, I love to read some of my favorite spirituality and astrology blogs by some awesome women of color. As a proud Virgo, I believe our natal charts, moon signs, rising signs, retrogrades, moon phases and much more give us different opportunities in life to keep an eye out for, take advantage of, and of course how to move forward in alignment with our growth, Highest good, greater purpose and best Self.


WRITTEN BY Irisa (@batshaahar on Twitter),

here are some LEO NEW MOON affirmations to hold you down for Leo Season! 🔥♌️


Helpful tips!!!
Write down each affirmation on a clean sheet of paper or notebook.
Say each affirmation out loud as you write it.
Read out loud 1-2 times after completing affirmation.
Speak these affirmations and your words into existence.


1. I embrace all aspects of myself without fear

2. I do not look externally for recognition or praise because I stand tall and proud in my own self worth

3. I lovingly move past all feelings of jealousy and unhealthy competition that limit me from aligning with my best and Highest self

4. I am open to the influx of authentic creative ideas that are perfectly aligned with my Highest good

5. My heart chakra is open, balanced, and eternally beaming

6. I lovingly embrace my Inner Child, allowing for an authentic flow of freedom and healthy, unconfined self expression

7. My relationship with Self is honest, untainted by programming or conditioning, authentic, transparent and deeply fulfilling

8. I am undeniably worthy of a deep, devoted, healthy and honest love

9. I trust my ability to love others that are in perfect alignment with both our highest good without fear or dependency

10. I embrace all possibilities of pure, divine Love that are in perfect alignment with my growth, highest good and greater purpose ♨️

11. I celebrate myself without guilt or shame

12. I am in a blissful, self aware, expansive, and deeply gratifying relationship with myself

13. I am confident in my ability to love myself and others without fear of vulnerability

14. I embrace my innate ability to create without boundaries, limitations or fear

15. My creativity fearlessly illuminates all aspects of myself in their highest, purest form

16. I lovingly welcome and allow these to manifest in perfect alignment with my Highest good and purpose. So it is.


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