Meet Crystal Frost

A PHAZE Interview Exclusive

By: Sasha Jones

Crystal Frost is a D.C. visual artist/fashion designer who loves playing with bright colors and shapes. Frost uses a variety of canvases for her work and will release a clothing line of printed shirts and hand-painted jackets called "Hideous Cheese" this winter.

Q: How would you describe your artistic style?

A: I would say my artistic style is a mix of Norman Keith Collins and Don Ed Hardy.

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Q: How long have you been making art? What inspired you to start?

A: I've legit been a creative all my life. I probably treated my mom's womb as canvas while I was stuck in there . When I was a kid me and my mom would always visit bookstores and I'd get craft books. She even got me a diary once to write my thoughts but I just turned it into a sketch/future book. I started taking my art serious in 2016 when I got fired from what my parents believed was a "good" job (my definition of a good job is wayyy different from theirs).


Q: You seem to play with American pop culture and Japanese anime/manga, as well as geometry and patterns in your art (correct me if I'm wrong). Where do you draw inspiration to create this kind of art?

A: YESSSS! I love Japanese culture, especially their legends about demons and monsters ... I'm inspired by so many things: tattoo artists, horror/sci-fi/fantasy movies, jackass, comics, role playing video games, The Czechoslovak New Wave, etc.. I'm mainly inspired by my life though, the way I perceive it is what I end up drawing. However, I do think my perception has been molded by comics and movies, especially foreign ones.


Q: We met at an art event promoting young femme poc (Aunty's Tea Party). How does your identity influence your art?

A: I identify myself as Crystal Frost, not to say I'm dissociating myself from the the labels we all use to categorize ourselves such as a particular race, gender, size height, etc. because I embrace those as well, but I am Crystal Frost before I'm anything else. My identity influences my art because Crystal Frost's thoughts are what I express when I create.


Q: What led to your transition from the canvas to fashion?

A: I had ran out of canvas and I really wanted to get an idea out so I ended up painting my jacket. It came out wayyyy better than I expected so I figured this would be another sweet way to showcase my talents and reach more people.



Q: On your instagram you say that you have a clothing line dropping this winter. Do you have a date for this drop yet?

A: I'm currently in the process of finalizing everything so I can't give a specific date right now, but the collection will be dropping this winter.

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Lastly I just want readers to know "less internet more life, olive juice"

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