Fashion Lookbook #1: 70's Inspo for Fall ‘17


The 1970’s are back in a big way this year

Written by Cooper Bush

 Check out this vintage inspired high fashion look book for outfit and styling inspiration that will carry you through the rest of the year.

Look 1.png

#1 This comfortable long-sleeve suede shift dress is matched with an equally comfortable set of beige mules.  Add a signet ring, a meticulously tailored statement jacket and a small structured bag for an outfit perfectly suited for a night out.

Look 2.png

#2 Perfect for work or school, the combination of this long, warm skirt and cardigan will keep you comfortable all day.  A patterned t-shirt adds some fun, and these low heeled mules will definitely attract some compliments.

Look 3.png

#3 Great for when it gets cold this fall, this vintage pleated skirt and turtleneck will keep you warm and cozy.  With a faux fur coat (because we love the texture) and a pair of beautifully simple boots, you’ll be ready for whatever the weather has coming.

Look 4.png

#4 This mock neck sleeveless top with a long velvet cardigan will keep you just the right temperature for cold early mornings and hot middays.  Liven up the look with pops of red (the hottest color this fall) and beautiful silky green to make the look pop.

Look 5.png

#5 For those days when it’s warm and wet, try a clear raincoat over comfortable pants and a top that will let you breathe.  Complete the look with a chunky heeled boot and a pair of beautiful orange earrings to complete the earthy vibe.

Look 6.png

#6 This outfit is perfect for a night out this fall!  The little tailored red dress and matching booties are perfectly complimented by the looser and more reserved oversized coat.  Long silver earrings and a pair of matching sunglasses give off the perfect “don’t mess with me” vibe.

Look 7.png

#7 Cashing in on the resurgence of the Canadian Tuxedo, this black denim look is complimented by a pair of soft and comfortable espadrilles.  A bag and earrings with pops of red add dimension and a little extra to double take at.

Look 8.png

#8 This comfortable daytime outfit screams fall in the 70’s.  Wide leg jeans are roomy and comfortable, and combine well with the cropped tank and knitted coat.  Black loafers add contrast, and a beautifully designed bucket bag adds practicality.

Look 9.png

#9 Great for a daytime event, this brightly colored outfit has tinges of professional behind the style.  The tailored pants, coat and shoes all say business, but the crop top and hoops help make the style more casual and accessible.

Look 10.png

#10 For those days when you want to live life bright, the contrasting orange and blue in this outfit is a great direction to go.  Add a small backpack for stylish practicality, silver platform boots for an unexpected twist and silver earrings for simples styling that makes a statement.

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