10 Ways to Be A Little Less Anxious During the First Month of College



By: Isabella Grande

It’s the beginning of the school year, and that means new things for everyone. Some people might feel exhilarated by a new school year. Many are excited to see old friends, meet new classmates, and dive into a new academic year.  Being a transfer student, I am nervous about finding my way around a different school and making new friends. Whatever the cause of your anxiety is, here are ten tips I use to feel less anxious.


1. Your Family Is Your Support System

Your family wants you to succeed. Even though you just said good-bye, don’t forget to call your parents during the first few weeks. Love doesn’t have borders, even when you leave home you can still feel it.

2. Focus On Making New Friends And Cultivating Existing Friendships

The more of a support system you can build here, the more comfortable you’ll become. Finding true friends takes time; you might meet them the first week of classes or second semester. Good friendships are built on patience. Be kind and open to new experiences.

3. Explore Your College Town

Are your nerves stemming from being in an unfamiliar place?  Go out and get to know your new city. In order to feel at home you should explore your surroundings. You might run into a great book shop or find a 24-hour 7/11 that will come in clutch later on. Make this city your own.

4. Join New Clubs

Building a life for yourself on campus is one of the best way to guarantee success. Universities want their students to feel comforted being away from home; joining organizations that suit your interests will help this happen. This echoes Tip #2 on making new friends; you’re bound to find people who have similar interests.

5. Go To The Counseling Center

If you’re anxious and you need help coming up with a plan to tackle a new school year, this resource is perfect! They’ll be able to help talk you through the stress.

6. Keep Busy

If you’re busy with clubs, school, and friends odds are, you won’t have time to much time to think about your nerves.

7. Avoid Isolating Yourself

Try to find new places to study, explore buildings around campus, or watch TV in a lounge rather than in your room.

8. Practice Your Faith

If you’re feeling anxious, turn to whatever brings you peace. Whether it be a nightly face routine, praying, keeping sacred items close, finding a new church to attend every Sunday, or simply meditating in silence, participate in something that gives you faith, strength and serenity.

9. Keep A Planner

You’re already dealing with stress–don’t pile more onto yourself. Keep a calendar, dry erase board, use Google Drive or post it notes around your room to remind yourself of the small but important things.

10. Embrace the ‘new-ness’

Regardless of anxiety or nerves, embrace the fact that the beginning of a school year, or the start of a new school, is a blank slate full of opportunities.

Edited by Danielle Germain

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