Cuffing Season Date Ideas

By: Ofonime Idiong


The weather is cooling down... the leaves are finally changing color... which means everybody's favorite season is officially here: Cuffing Season. My friends, ‘tis the season to find your one and only. Finding that special one is hard, but cute date ideas are even harder to come by. So here is my list of five fun, and intimate date ideas that can help you connect with that special someone.


Dinner and a Movie (At home)

Let's be honest, in this economy no one has the money to go to an actual dinner and a movie. So have a night in, and have your special someone come in. Cooking with someone shows you how well you work together, and after cooking you get to enjoy the meal you made together. Afterward cuddle up and watch a movie on comfortable couches instead of uncomfortable theater chairs, and if five minutes in you’re no longer watching the movie, that's fine too. But if you would still like to go to the actual movies, AMC has five-dollar movie tickets for the month of October.

Brunch and an Art Museum

Go to a museum and look at the artwork and discover something new. This is also another way get to know each other and discover what you do and do not like. Afterwards, head out to brunch; breaking bread is always a great way to connect with people. This is best done after the museum visit because you will have something to talk about and it won’t be awkward.

If you’re in D.C. hit up the National Portrait Gallery admission if free.

Jazz or Poetry Club

Nothing is more intimate than a Jazz or Poetry club. Hit up you local Busboys and Poets for an intimate night out. This also kills two birds with one stone, because you get dinner and a performance all for the price of one. So hit up that potential bae and listen to some sweet melodies or beautiful poetry.

The Busboys and Poets in D.C. is actually the flagship store and they are always hosting amazing events.

Local Nightlife

All major cities have some kind of night life, so find out what yours is, and hit up those venues. Go bar hopping, or get your fortunes read. Explore your city together and discover new venues you did not know your city had. Grab a late night dinner with that special person, and see where the night takes you.

If you live in D.C. there are so many places you could venture out to, Dupont Circle, Adams Morgan and Shaw are just a few neighborhoods that are fun to explore.

Ghost Tour

Since it’s almost Halloween this one has to be included. Go on a Ghost Tour together and have some fun. Doing something that gets both of you excited is something you can bond over. It's also a fun and different experience you can say you enjoyed together. And if you get too scared, it'll be okay to jump into their arms (this time). Find your nearest haunted house and shoot your shot. 


Edited by Jenna Caldwell

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