5 Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle in College


Written by Bitota Mpolo

Staying healthy in college is a constant struggle. College students are surrounded by so many unhealthy things: an all you can eat dining hall, meal swipes that come with chips and a carbonated beverage, and many excuses that discourage us from getting out of bed and working out. After learning from my own experiences, here are a few ways you can stay healthy and happy in college: 

1. Adopt a vegan diet sometimes

On Mondays make a plan to eat non-animal products throughout the entire day. Try and do this a couple times during the week; it will help you discipline in your eating habits.


2. Join an intramural sports team!

This is a great form of exercise, without the intense commitment that a varsity sport may require. Competition, exercise and fun will makes your day much more enjoyable.


3. Find gym buddies

It’s really hard to go to the gym, add going alone on top of that, and you may never go. Having friends by your side makes what you’re doing tolerable. Your friends not only motivate you to do better, but they make going to the gym a lot more fun.


4. A home cooked meal once in a while makes the biggest difference

As AU students, you are often required to have a meal plan your first year. However, the following year, you have the option to lower your plan, or get rid of it all together. Have you considered using the money on your own groceries? We can’t have our parents cooking us a full course meal everyday, but we can ask them for their recipes and ingredients. Learning to cook for yourself is a great way to stay healthy, and learn responsibility. You also learn the value of a dollar.


5. It’s important to drink lots of water

Sometimes your body may mistake your thirst for hunger, and if you don’t drink enough water, you might eat more, when really you’re dehydrated.


It is important to keep both our minds and our body’s healthy. With all the stress that comes with classes, students often forget to put their self care first. In order to be successful, we must take care of ourselves.

Edited by Danielle Germain

Amber Shemesh