How To Holiday Shop on a Budget 🎄


Written by Ofonime Idiong

Christmas is right around the corner and if you haven’t bought presents yet, it may be too late…. SIKE! It’s never too late to get presents, especially if you know how and where to shop. A lot of people get their Christmas gifts on Black Friday before the holiday season begins, but great deals do not end after Black Friday. In fact, with the right tools you can get deals on what you want right up to the Christmas weekend. Here are five of our tips on how to shop for the holiday on a budget:


1: Amazon

Amazon is the most underrated shopping tool! There are thousands of shops that operate on Amazon. This gives you the freedom to shop online, and compare prices to pick the best fit for you. Amazon is also equipped with great customer reviews that also provide pictures,  so you know what you’re buying before you checkout. Even if it is something specific you are looking for, Amazon has everything. Check it out first before you go breaking the bank. And with Amazon Prime, you can shop up until the week before Christmas and still get your gifts in time with free two day shipping!

2: Sign up for student discount apps

These do not just come in handy during the holiday season, but they’re also great for when you want to spoil yourself throughout the year. My favorite one to use is Unidays and as long as you have an “ .edu” email, you are good to go! Some stores even have up to fifty percent off for students. Never click “complete order” without knowing for a fact that you have gotten the best deal possible! 

3: The 'Honey' extension for Chrome

Honey is a Chrome browser extension that automatically finds you coupons to use as you shop online. It also ensures that you are getting the best price and if you are not, it recommends other stores where you can find the same item for a cheaper price. It is a great extension that is also valuable year-round.

4: Go to the stores

Sometimes when you go into stores they have in-store only deals that are better than the ones available online. Sometimes these deals aren't promoted so it may be your lucky day! Certain stores have specific specials that they offer to in store customers.

5: Get Creative

Finally, the best way to not go for broke is to create a gift that comes from the heart. Some of the best holiday gifts I have seen are the ones that have the most meaning behind them. Getting tools from Michaels or any local art store will help you with the perfect handmade gift. Create a photo album, or a painting. The best way to save money is to think outside the box.


But the best and freest gift of them all is time. This Christmas, spend time with your family and celebrate all the great times from the past year.

Happy Holidays from PHAZE Magazine! 🎄


Edited by Sydney Hamilton