How To Enjoy Thanksgiving Away From Home

Written by Sophie Austin

Thanksgiving on campus? No worries.

Not everyone has the opportunity to make their way home for Thanksgiving. But this doesn’t mean that your break has to be boring. In fact, there are so many ways to brighten up your time celebrating the holiday on campus. Just see this as an opportunity to make some new memories! Here’s a list of seven things to inspire you to keep the break lively.


1. Have a Friendsgiving.

Gather together other people who you know are not going home for Thanksgiving. Make it a communal process: Plan together, shop together, cook together, then dine together. Eating the meal will be satisfying knowing that it was the result of your collective efforts.


2. Do arts & Crafts.

Sometimes when we are in school we forget to be creative just for the sake of being creative. Draw, paint, collage. This can help you destress from submerging yourself in academics. And you’ll have some items to hang in your dorm that will remind you of the memories you made over break.


3. Have a holiday music jam session.

The campus is practically empty. This is your opportunity to scream lyrics at the top of your lungs without having to be concerned about how thin the walls are! PHAZE has a ton of playlists for your jam session. Play the "Grateful Thankful Blessed" playlist to put you in the holiday spirit, or turn on the "Cookin'" playlist when you're in the kitchen. 


4. Bake holiday cookies.

Cooking and baking is such an effective way to bond with other people. Sharing cookies with other people who weren’t expecting to receive them can brighten their day as well. Plus, the smell of sweet treats baking in the oven tends to incite joyous feelings.


5. Get off campus and explore.

Just because you can’t go home doesn’t mean you can’t leave the dorms. This is the perfect chance to take advantage of your surroundings and visit the park or city site you’ve been wanting to see since the beginning of the school year.


6. Create a short film documenting your experience.

Fill a video with the sounds and sights of your adventures so that they can be summoned with the simple assistance of a play button. Making and editing videos can take as little or as long as you would like it to, but the process has the potential to make you feel like you’re in a different world.


7. Play a game of hide & seek.

Whether you decide to do this on campus or elsewhere, this pastime combines childlike playfulness with physical activity and exploration.


So make the most of your time off and when you feel as though your adventures have accumulatively contributed to your exhaustion, just pause and rest.


Edited by Sydney Hamilton

Neah Gray