Concert Review: Oh Wonder

Written by Amber Shemesh


Its initials may be OW, but Oh Wonder is far from a painful act to watch.


The London-based duo came to the 9:30 Club for two nights in a row, thanks to its original, sold-out show on Oct. 3. Monday night’s show began with some confusion; Jaymes Young,  Oh Wonder’s intended opening act got sick, so in his place, a member from the tour came onstage and DJ’ed for the crowd. While the audience was initially surprised by this last-minute change, fans quickly adapted, and the impromptu-act even took requests from the crowd. At one point, Josephine, a member of Oh Wonder, was even seen dancing offstage along to the DJ’s music.


In the hour leading up to Oh Wonder’s performance, the two large letters “OW” stood onstage, heightening the crowd’s anticipation. After what seemed like an endless wait, the duo made their way onstage with Josephine on the keyboard, Anthony on his guitar, and the multicolored, lit-up letters radiating behind them.


The duo sang an array of its songs that ranged from its debut album to its most recent album, “Ultralife.” While Oh Wonder’s music varies in speed and rhythm, the songs share poignancy and meaning in their lyrics. With songs that embody a love for human connections and a general admiration for life, the music of Oh Wonder brilliantly converts its core characteristics to a lively yet intimate experience onstage, thanks in large part to the stage’s set-up and the personalities of the two band members.


Even though some of the artist’s songs were slower-paced (at times, even melancholy), Oh Wonder was able to captivate and enliven the audience with its undeniable stage presence. Throughout the performance, both members of the pair were seen dancing, jumping and/or making faces. The act was also eminently engaging; in between songs onstage, Josephine and Anthony directly spoke to fans in the crowd. The sold-out show grew to even be personal, with Josephine’s brother coming onstage to play saxophone during one of the band’s more upbeat songs.


Overall, Oh Wonder did what was seemingly impossible: it managed to make a mundane Monday ultra-enjoyable.

Edited by Sydney Hamilton


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