BROCKHAMPTON — Not Your Average Boy Band

concert review | September 15, 2017

Written by Sasha Jones

They may be a self-declared boy-band, but BROCKHAMPTON showed that they are anything but the average post-One-Direction-Era group at their show on Friday night at the Rock and Roll Hotel in Washington, D.C..


Kevin Abstract

photo credit to: Luke Baker

Originally formed by rapper, song-writer and visionary Kevin Abstract in 2015, BROCKHAMPTON now consists of 15 members with talents ranging from performing, producing, photography and even web design.

Most impressively, not one of the members is over the age of 24. The group has released one mixtape, two albums (SATURATION I and SATURATION II, released 11 weeks apart) and are now selling out venues on their first nationwide tour.

      BROCKHAMPTON’s rapid rise to fame may lie in their ability to connect with their audience. From jokes about Abstract’s sexuality and his coming out to unaccepting parents, to yelling “fuck you” at the crowd, BROCKHAMPTON understands what it’s like to be a teen, mainly because they are teens.


Even though BROCKHAMPTON draws influence from Kanye West, Frank Ocean, Tyler the Creator, Kendrick Lamar and Justin Timberlake, their sound is original. It is, at times, reminiscent of 90’s gangster rap, but they do not force themselves into traditional molds of masculinity.

Their youthfulness as a group occasionally shines through. At one point in the show they invited the first few rows up on stage with them then were unable to get some audience members down.

     Overall, BROCKHAMPTON creates a shared space of inclusivity and emotional acceptance. They passed out water bottles for audience members to air-sip, and opened up mosh pits throughout the concert.

The 15 members of BROCKHAMPTON are doing hip-hop their own way, and they’re doing it well.


Visit their website at: 

See some of the members and adventures on their mostly film-based Instagram @brckhmptn

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