Hinds "I Don't Run" Album Review


Written by Marcela Royo


      After two years since the release of their first album, Leave Me Alone, Hinds released their sophomore album, I Don’t Run, on April 6th. The four piece all girl indie rock band from Madrid did not disappoint with this new album about love and its messy complications.


      Each track is filled with a 60s and 70s influence, separating itself from today's prevailing music industry, and like most rock bands of the ’60s, they hail from outside the US. The lyrics, which are written and performed in English, create a special sound when paired with the group’s Spanish accents. Their lyrics are filled with some grammatical errors and odd phrasing, but it’s just a refreshing addition to their uniqueness.


      From start to finish, the album is 40 minutes long with 11 tracks of carefree and fun vibes. The band takes on topics such as the struggles of love and faces them head on. “The Club” is the first song on the album and it sets the tone for the rest, with its melancholy mood and lyrics about late night mistakes and having to leave a relationship. On the contrary “New For You” is filled with upbeat guitars and drums, as the group sings about wanting to improve your life and starting over. The last song on the album, “Ma Nuit” is a mix of traditional Spanish music with an indie twist. The lyrics of the song alternate from English to Spanish, retelling their time on tour and the struggles of being far from those you love. Overall, each song follows the last by telling a story and being honest about the band’s experiences.

      The album can be streamed on Spotify, Apple Music, and a vinyl version can be purchased on their website. Hinds also performed at Coachella 2017 last year. The band will begin touring in the US and Europe starting later this month. Hinds is everything you could hope for from an all girl indie-rock band and we look forward to their next album.


Edited by Sydney Hamilton