Junglepussy JP3 Album Review

 Written by Sasha Jones 


      Junglepussy is a force to be reckoned with with the release of “JP3” on May 11, her first album in three years.

     Similar to other female rappers, such as Cupcakke, Junglepussy is not afraid to embrace her body image and sexuality through her music. Themes of female empowerment are consistent in “JP3,” as well as her previous albums, “Pregnant with Success” and “Satisfaction Guaranteed.”

     Junglepussy is also not afraid to show her somewhat vulgar, sense of humor. In “Pop for You” off of “Pregnant for Success,” Junglepussy reminisces about “one thoughtful motherfucker” who took her to the zoo.

“The zoo?” you might ask. “The zoo,” she responds.

     In “JP3,” Junglepussy similarly makes pop culture references, and romanticizes daily occurrences using her sense of humor.


In “State of the Union,” one of the singles off the album, Junglepussy remarks on the cultural appropriation of black women with lines like “no cook crack with that black girl magic” and “everybody wanna be black, it’s so tragic.”

     Songs like “Trader Joe,” on the other hand, speaks about modern love, and her attraction to someone who “carry all [her] groceries and lick on all [her] toes.”

     Junglepussy’s new album - as you may have already guessed - is not necessarily appropriate for kids, but it is perfect for anyone looking for funky beats paired with clever lines, and tied together by an unapologetic black women with a hard-hitting delivery.