Jerry Folk "Leisure Tapes" EP Review

by Amber Shemesh


If you have enough leisure, the last thing you should do is listen to Jerry Folk’s newest EP “Leisure Tapes.”

Don’t get me wrong, Folk’s new track “All in Me” featuring Heavy Mellow, isn’t half that bad; the only thing is, comprehensively, it’s his EP’s only redeemable track, which unfortunately, happens to also be the first track on the album.


“All in Me” has subtle similarities to Folk’s older song, “Kids”, with the use of lyrical repetition. In “All in Me,” the underlying voice echoes throughout the track, giving the tune something close to a heartbeat. However, the first 20 seconds of the next track, “Another Night,” undermines all the potential that “Leisure Tapes” had.

“Another Night” sets up the EP’s central sound: disjunction. To me, the track sounds like the song-equivalent of nails on a chalkboard. When Folk’s voice joins the beat, I felt like the song was some kind of joke against music.

However, despite my severe distaste towards “Another Night,” I persisted and managed to make it, begrudgingly, through the final five songs on the EP. While “Sea Salt” and “Bakers” were hardly impressionable, “Sweetness on My Tongue” felt flashy and oversaturated in the techno, futuristic sound. The track “Lesson” was also similar in futuristic quality, with an abundance of autotune, which in the case of Folk’s EP, felt like an overcompensation. The last track, “Give In” wasn’t necessarily terrible, but it also wasn’t necessarily good either. Unfortunately, by the time I listened to it, I was already put off by the EP.


More than anything, “Leisure Tapes” was disappointing. When I saw Folk produced new tracks, I anticipated and hoped they would be more along the lines of his older songs, but “Leisure Tapes” felt more like an unsuccessful display of experimentation on the artist’s part. Overall, my impression of the EP is that Folk threw a bunch of different sounds together, added a synthesizer and hoped for the best.

If you have the patience for it, you can listen to Folk’s EP on Spotify or Soundcloud.

Edited by Sasha Jones

Amber ShemeshComment