6LACK "East Atlanta Love Letter" Album Review

by Ofonime Idiong


In his second studio album, East Atlanta Love Letter, 6LACK expresses his struggles of navigating life with fame and love. Traditionally R&B tends to connect us to the hopeless romantic side in us all.

“I know I’m stuck between what I love and who I love,” the album opens with “Unfair”, an apology to the woman he loves. This is a theme that is often revisited throughout the album. In “Let Her Go” he questions himself “If I let her go, will I regret it will I forget.” But the love he has for this woman never disappears. InSorry” he finally apologizes because he realizes what he’s lost “mistakes feel like a fracture in my bone.” The listener moves through tracks of self and romantic explorations. He closes out the album with “Stan”, “I will love you when you’re old, and you lose the words you spoke, time will never wait on us, but it can never age our love”. In the end, love is what saves the day.

When listening to the album, many will find 6LACK’s words to be extremely relatable. Even when love becomes complicated, when you really love someone — it’s worth it.


Focusing some of his album on fame, 6LACK usesLoaded Gun” to talk about the women on the road who now seem to be all over him. “I got women calling my phone like I owe them some; it’s kinda my fault I guess I showed them some.” He continues to express how much trouble this lifestyle brings as he states “mo-money, mo-problems, that ain’t no lie I swear.”

6LACK is very well rounded, his album being both self written, and his beats, self produced. Not many people are able craft an entire album by themselves. However the album slightly disappoints because it sounds very similar to his first one. Artists must grow as they take on new projects, and I would have liked to see him step out of his bounds a bit. If you haven’t already, listen to East Atlanta Love Letter. This album is likely to stay on the charts for a while; carrying awesome features from Future, J. Cole, Offset and Khalid.

Listen to East Atlanta Love Letter now:

Edited by Danielle Germain