H.E.R. Then H.I.M.

Written by Bitota Mpolo

Gabi Wilson, otherwise known as “H.E.R” is an up and coming singer songwriter, who released her debut EP, H.E.R. Vol. 1, in September of last year. On Youtube, Wilson’s songs are getting a lot of traction, with her most popular one, “Losing,” racking up 9 million views. On Spotify, she is receiving even more support, with “Losing” reaching almost 15.4 million plays and her account having 2.3 million monthly listeners. At the beginning of her career, Wilson remained anonymous. Artists like Alicia Keys, Wyclef Jean, and Bryson Tiller appraised her for her anonymous masterpiece EP she put out for the world to hear. Wilson’s label, RCA Records, said little about “H.E.R”, but encourage people to give her music a listen. Her anonymity during the release of her EP was definitely intended seeing that “H.E.R.” is an acronym for Having Everything Revealed. In Wilson’s first interview about the release of her EP she shared that she wants “it to be about the music” and that she would reveal who she was in time. Soon after her release of Vol. 1 people started to connect the dots and discover who she really was. Wilson has been signed to RCA Records for some time however, she used to just be signed under her real name. She even released a single with them under her real name in 2014. Wilson has been singing since age 5 and has performed on shows such as Good Morning America, The Maury Show, and has even sang the National Anthem at a Lakers game. Despite, her past success I feel there is still a lot more in store for Wilson in the future.


After the success of Wilson’s debut as “H.E.R” another mysterious artist that calls himself “H.I.M” appeared on the internet. He remains anonymous as well and has the same visual concepts as “H.E.R” and also a very similar feel to his music. There was a lot of skepticism that the two of them were working together because “H.I.M” has said that his songs are “responses” to “H.E.R”’s music. Despite his efforts to link their music “H.E.R” denies any connect with H.I.M and even tweeted “It's never cool to copy someone's whole concept and call it a "response" to try to come up. Be you! Be original.” Although she hasn’t directly called him out, many of Wilson’s supporters know that she is referring to “H.I.M”. Many people think that theft of artistic concept, “H.E.R” should still collaborate with “H.I.M”. His responses are creative and original although they are based off of H.E.R’s whole concept. Many people, including myself, first became aware of “H.I.M” when an account of YouTube posted a mashup of U by “H.E.R” and Me by “H.I.M”. Both artists are insanely talented and creative in their individual ways. It’s up to you whether to decides H.I.M’s music is a breach of artistic integrity or a clever way to pursue music.

“H.E.R” Volume 2 is out and can be found here. Following suit, “H.I.M” Volume 2 is also out now and can be found here. I encourage you all to give it a listen, it will definitely be worth it!

Listen to their music below:

Edited by Jenna Caldwell

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