The Official 'SYRE' Album Review

Written by Bitota Mpolo


Jaden Smith, you know, the Karate Kid, has shifted gears from acting to rapping. Over the past few years, Smith has physically grown quite a bit since the 2010 film and has developed his own musical sound since his feature on Justin Bieber's “Never Say Never.” He uses his platform as a musician and influencer  to inspire the youth to do better. There is incredible variety in the music Smith releases. His music is unlike a lot of rappers today and anyone that listens to Smith’s album, SYRE, can tell that there is a lot of meaning behind the lyrics in each of his songs. Still not sure if it’s worth listening to?

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Check out the review of each and every one of the album’s tracks below:

1. B:

First of all, Willow’s voice is beautiful and haunting in the beginning of the song. Willow definitely stole the show with this one. B has serious Christmas church song vibes, but it's very nice and melodic. It later turns into a trap-soul type of song and ends with Smith on the beat.

2. L:

This song has a similar sound to “B” and has a raw and vulnerable nature to it.

3. U:

At the start of the song there's an African music feel, and then it suddenly changes to Smith’s hardcore rap style. There's another tempo change and then it slows down to a smoother rap beat before it picks up again. This is definitely a song that will keep you guessing.

4. E:

This song is definitely an album favorite. Jaden talks about the “city hates the melanin” and touches on subjects such as dealing with inner demons. In general the vibe of this song is very feel good and all the lyrics flow together very nicely.

5. Breakfast (ft. A$AP Rocky): 

On this song, Smith collaborates with A$AP Rocky. However, it was disappointing to hear that Rocky was only in the interlude. Yet again, he mentions Teslas in his songs. He wants us to understand that he is very much for the environment and energy efficient vehicles, however does it really need to be referenced to in every song? At this point his flow is getting a little redundant and boring because every song so far has the same type of tempo.

6. Hope:

In the beginning of this song, you can immediately hear that the sound of this song is different from the others. Hope has auditory elements unlike the other songs on this album. Smith switched up his vocals and had little references he used throughout the song, such as referencing the Bible and Michael Jackson.

7. Falcon (ft. Raury):

This is a very classic Smith type of track. He is very consistent and exceeds expectations with every song. Smith is very different from rappers of today's music industry and loves to take creative approaches to his music. Falcon features singer-songwriter Raury, and the verse where he and Smith link up is probably the highlight of this song.

8. Ninety:

Ninety is extremely different fromt the first few songs on the album. It displays a much softer rap flow that is easy on the ears. His rap style is very alternative and has elements of rock and indie music. Yes rap is a form a poetry, but this song also has segments where Smith talks as if he is reading short poems.

9. Lost Boy:

This song has a similar melody to Kanye West’s “30 hours,” however it appears to be intentional. He even pays homage to Kanye in the outro of the song. The song is talking about being lost after a girl breaks his heart and it has beautiful melody to go along with the smooth lyrics. He even says “This is for the kids feeling lost” at the end of the song.

10. Batman:

This song was one of the first to be released a few months ago. Many critics called him out stating that he basically plagiarized Drake’s “Jumpman”. However Jaden claims “Batman” is a tribute to the original Batman actor Adam West, who passed in early June. The song obviously takes from “Jumpman”, but everyone samples in the industry today, so people should not necessarily look at this as a negative because in the end, Smith made the track his own.

11. Icon:

Smith is a true living icon. His flow on this track is impeccable. With that being said, the music video that went along with the song did not live up to expectations. The cinematography of if was objectively fairly good, however it seems like Smith is wearing chains and a grill just to be like every other rapper. Most rappers wear chains to show how far they have made it, but Smith did not suffer from financial struggles in his life. In fact, he has this platform because of his father, Actor and Rapper Will Smith. 

12. Watch Me:

Like Fallen, the Watch Me video was also released a few months ago. There is so much energy in this song. It gives off major action movie fighting scene vibes. In the music video, Smith dances and it seems as though all the pieces of the puzzle fall together.

13. Fallen:

Fallen is one of the most popular tracks on the album. A music video for this song was released almost a year ago, so many people listened to this song long before the album dropped. The song has more singing than the other tracks and it added a very nice contrast.

14. The Passion:

This song, along with the rest of Smith’s album, focuses on the flow, rather than the beat, which is a rarity among rappers today. The work he produces is abstract; it is as if he is trying to make this industry his own with the creative twists he puts into his songs. The song suddenly switches from hard rap to a soft melody and Jaden executes this transition perfectly.

15. George Jeff:

In this song, there is a very freestylish vibe. He continues to show that he has great flow. There is also a recurring theme in his songs with the Tesla. In “Icon” the Tesla was in the video and in this song it was mentioned in one of his verses.

16. Rapper:

Yet again, the notorious Tesla is mentioned. This song is basically talking about how Smith is going to change the rap game, and we might have to agree with that.

17. SYRE:

In “SYRE” we are really able to see Smith open himself up. He talks about how he is an outcast and never quite figured out where he belonged. During SYRE, Smith really delves into his journey in personal growth. This song is beautiful poetry.

Edited by Jenna Caldwell