"The Space Between" by Majid Jordan Album Review


Written by Sydney Hamilton

There’s a rock, there’s a hard place, and then there’s the space between. The Space Between, the title of their sophomore studio album, is where OVO labeled duo Majid Jordan resides. It’s a metaphor that not only serves as context for the album, but also shows where the Toronto dudes have found themselves, musically. Since emerging onto the music scene after featuring on Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home” and their 2016 self-titled debut album, Majid Jordan still hasn’t landed on a specific definition for who they are – and apparently, they’re in no rush to.

The ambiguity of life and love seems to be the central theme of each song within the album. For example, some of the lyrics explore the feeling of desperately wanting someone and yet shying away from the commitment. In “Gave Your Love Away”, Majid sings about losing a connection with a former flame, crooning repeatedly: “I said I love you, baby/ And I, I gave your love away.” The song, an intoxicating rhythm with synths and hi-hats, smoothly transitions into “OG Heartthrob”, a starry-eyed tune carried by a pounding bass: “Original heartthrob/Giving me heart problems/I can’t take making love to anyone but you.” The song is romantic and dreamy, almost like an ode to a perfect love:

In fact, the overall feeling of the album is like a city dreamscape, twinkling & shimmering yet shrouded in complexity and mystery. It’s a meticulous blend of dance-pop and alternative R&B, which is a unique production by Jordan Ullman. Majid’s voice perfectly stands out against these glittery effects, atmospheric melodies, and 80’s styled synth beats. Songs that stand out are “Asleep”, “My Imagination” ft. OVO pals dvsn, “Body Talk”, as well as the tracks mentioned earlier.

The Space Between is easy-listening, but not at all in way that comes across as boring. The album is wistful and stellar with simple lyrics but a compelling production. It doesn’t leave you empty handed but isn’t too overwhelming either. While this album is much more upbeat than their darker debut, the duo makes it clear they’re not trying to force change. Instead, they just want to create music that reflects where they are right now. It celebrates living in the present and whatever comes with it, as Majid sings in the titular track: “Live in the moment with me/Live in the space between.”