Meet Chuck So Dope

by Ofonime Idiong

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Born and raised in South Jersey, Chuck So Dope is an up and coming artist who started making music at the age of 11. After a couple years of spitting rhymes to classmates after school and to friends at home; Chuck was given the opportunity to produce his first record after being granted access to a studio space. At the time, the budding D1 athlete gave up the opportunity to play football so that he could put all his energy into making music.

I first took notice of Chuck a couple years after a friend mentioned that a kid from our neighborhood was trying to make a name for himself. At first no one paid attention, but after releasing singles like “Henny Dance” and “Ayo”, many started to take notice of Chuck and his music. Chuck has continued to make a name for himself by going from a small town native, to booking sold out shows throughout the Philadelphia area. Last winter, Chuck dropped an eight track project titled Soul Therapy. Earlier this summer, Chuck released an album titled Big So Dope.


During my interview with Chuck, I was curious as to what inspired him. While describing how music makes him feel, Chuck noted, “If the beat touches my heart, that's where I write from.” He credits the creation of Soul Therapy and his other records to the experience he feels when he hears a specific sound. For him, Soul Therapy was a way to get his emotions out. Chuck also draws inspiration from the places he grew up in, crediting his hometown of Collingswood, New Jersey, as the place that gave him an opportunity to grow, and the birthplace of his stage name Chuck So Dope.

“My goal is TO make the best music of my time.”

In the next five years, Chuck sees himself traveling and leaving his mark at the top of the music game. My favorite part of our conversation was hearing the passion in Chuck’s voice when he talked about his music. To him, music is his escape, and he has started to fall in love with the depth of character and emotion that comes from creating. Through his musical expressions, Chuck proves that love for the craft is what separates the art from commodity.

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Edited by Danielle Germain