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Blogger Bitota Mpolo goes through each of the tracks on Jaden Smith's newest album 'SYRE'. Read the review to learn how Jaden went from Karate Kid to the next biggest thing in music. 

There’s a rock, there’s a hard place, and then there’s the space between. Read what we loved about the second studio album from the dynamic OVO duo.

Read our review of Willow Smith's second album, The 1st. Written by our Music Curator Camille Sery-Ble.

H.E.R.'s music has been quickly gaining traction in the past year, especially after the release of her debut EP, H.E.R. Vol. 1. But just like H.E.R. is another artist named H.I.M. who has decided to continue the anonymous vibe as he responds to H.E.R. music. Read more as we explore the connection between these two talented and rising artists.

There is truly no limit to how creative or out-of-the-box an artist can be when it comes to creating a song. It’s even more inspiring when that creativity takes on a whole new life through a music video.

Here are 13 incredibly artistic music videos that you have to see for yourself:

More than just a boy band, the multitalented music group BROCKHAMPTON stopped in D.C. Friday night as part of their 21-city-wide "Jennifer's Tour"

London-based duo "Oh Wonder" hit the 9:30 Club stage in Washington, D.C. for two nights in a row. Read more about the concert and watch exclusive concert footage here.