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Janelle Monáe recently released two songs and music videos for her highly anticipated upcoming album Dirty Computer

“One more cypher, then I'm callin' it quits,” Noname proclaimed in 2013. But five years and two albums later, she’s back with an album that has named her “one of the best rappers alive”.

by Sasha Jones

There's no limit to how creative or out-of-the-box a music video can be, so here are 13 incredible music videos just to prove it

by Amber Shemesh + Marcela Royo

Ever wondered whose tongue graced the cover of N.E.R.D's fifth studio album?

by Neah Gray



In his second studio album, “East Atlanta Love Letter,” 6LACK expresses his struggles of navigating life with fame and love.

by Ofonime Idiong

With Jerry Folk’s new EP released on Aug. 28, we review his latest tracks, and spoiler alert: they’re not his best work.

by Amber Shemesh


Here's why Junglepussy is an empowering, unapologetic force to be reckoned with.

by Sasha Jones

The all girl indie group from Madrid returns with an awesome album about love, relationships and all its tribulations.

by Marcela Royo

Mac Miller passes at the age of 26

Miller died in his Los Angeles home on Friday, September 7th. The cause of his death is said to be a drug overdose. His death has been a grievance for many, including family, fans, and celebrities that knew him.

Everything you need to know about Total Request Live and MTV Unplugged then and now.

by Sydney Hamilton

There’s a rock, there’s a hard place, and then there’s the space between with this dynamic OVO duo.

by Sydney Hamilton

Gracing the world with television writing, acting, music and stand-up comedy, this is an ode to all the talent Donald Glover embodies.

by Sophie Austin

From January to December, here's the albums that stole our heart each month of 2017.

by PHAZE Team

Abel is back, and this time, with the authentic and somber tunes we all love him for.

by Camille Sery-Ble

From Karate Kid Jaden Smith, to the Next Biggest Thing In Music Jaden Smith, here's a review of every song from his first album.

by Bitota Mpolo

Our review of Willow Smith's second studio album, The 1st.

by Camille Sery-Ble

More than just a boy band, the multitalented music group BROCKHAMPTON stopped in D.C. Friday night as part of their 21-city-wide "Jennifer's Tour"

by Sasha Jones

Here are some of PHAZE's favorite artists on tour right now. Grab your tickets before it's too late!

by Neah Gray

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 7.12.22 AM.png

H.E.R.'s music has been quickly gaining traction amongst fans, especially after her debut EP, H.E.R. Vol. 1. But just like H.E.R. is another artist named H.I.M. who has decided to continue the anonymous vibe as he responds to H.E.R.'s music. Is there a legitimate connection?

London-based duo "Oh Wonder" hit the 9:30 Club stage in Washington, D.C. for two nights in a row and we have all the exclusive concert footage here.

by Amber Shemesh

9 New Albums to Start Your November Off Right

From Takeoff’s highly anticipated debut solo album, to Mariah Carey’s timely holiday spirit, here are nine albums released during the first week of November that you should listen to: