8 Places to Donate School Supplies in D.C.


Written by Nicole Via  

As college move-in ends and classes begin, the inevitable occurs: trash piles up in an empty dorm room corner. If you’re anything like me, you know that once that pile starts, it’s only going to keep growing. Makeup wipes, plastic forks, and last night’s pizza clearly do not add to your Pinterest dorm aesthetic. On top of all that, there’s all the extra school supplies you bought in your first-day-of-school frenzy only to realize you don’t actually need them.

For those items you don’t need, D.C. has multiple nonprofit organizations that accept donations throughout the fall semester.

  1. The National Center for Children and Families—located in Bethesda, Maryland—accepts school supplies, new / gently used clothing items and toiletries. The NCCF also offers a pick-up service, if your located nearby. Mr. C’s Boutique, the center’s donation store, allows customers can pick anything free of charge.

  2. District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) accepts school and art supplies, books, maps, globes, cameras, printers, uniforms, etc. at participating DCPS schools. Check there website for locations and a full list of acceptable donations.


3. The Latin American Youth Center, located Columbia Road, accepts tangible donations to give to students who belong to the center. Those interested must contact development@layc-dc.org beforehand.

4. The Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Washington on 14th Street, accepts any and all donations.


5. The Neediest Kids has two convenient locations, one downtown and the other in Bethesda. This organization accepts clothing, eyeglasses, personal hygiene items, school supplies, bedding, etc.

6. The Central Union Mission accepts all toiletries, food, and clothing, but prospective donations must be run through tpatterson@Missiondc.org first.


7. A Wider Circle hosts movements to end poverty and help struggling families through their generous donations. AWC accepts professional clothing items such as suits, dresses, and button-downs, furniture, personal hygiene products and food at their Silver Spring, Maryland location.

8. Food, Clothing & Resistance is a community organization specializing in donation drives and advocacy events. During the first weeks of August, they hosted a school supply drive for children in need. Visit their Facebook page for updated activities.


Washington D.C. has no shortage of non-profits that cater to the general public. Make a move, take a stand, and give back to the city and people in it.


Edited by Elyse Notarianni

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