Meet the Team: Sasha Jones


Position: associate editor

Instagram: @sash.j
Horoscope: Virgo sun, Gemini moon, Scorpio rising
Hometown: Rockville, Maryland
School: American University
Major: Journalism
Minor: Law & Society

Favorite Things to Do:

  • Visiting museums

  • Editing video

  • Watching movies and documentaries

  • Photography

  • Memes

  • Just being in the city

Favorite T.V. Shows: (Most recently) “Chef’s Table,” “Maniac” and “Bojack Horseman.”

Favorite Food: Veggie Burgers, Lo Mein, Sushi

Favorite Visual Artists: Petra Collins, Lissy Elle, Don Hertzfeldt, Hannah Jacobs

Fun Facts:

  • I’m fluent in Russian

  • I’ve been interning at Education Week, a national education newspaper for almost a year.

  • I’ll be graduating this year (and am, as expected, having a crisis)

What I love about being part of PHAZE:

PHAZE came into my life in the form of an email from “The Team,” which I later learned consisted of just Neah. A year later, this team has grown to thirteen talented writers, editors and photographers, and hundreds of readers. PHAZE has taught me what it’s like to build a magazine from the ground up, in an industry dominated by organizations that have been around for decades.

PHAZE is also a testament to the importance of representation in media and in art. Having a background in traditional print journalism, PHAZE, and the people behind PHAZE, highlight the gaps that other organizations can’t figure out how to fill, and show that diverse voices matter.

I’m so proud of PHAZE and its growth, and I can’t wait to see our future.

Amber Shemesh