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PHAZE Magazine Launch:

september 12th 2017 @ 7pm est

PHAZE has been in the works since January 2017. After a long few months of contemplating what the perfect brand name would be, Editor in Chief Neah Gray decided to throw it back to one of her first Tumblr name's; That Phaze. That Phaze described the really emotional Phaze almost every high schooler goes through as they transition from middle school. That Phaze that reminds you that you're not a kid anymore, and that heartbreak and tribulations are real and inevitable at this point. That Phaze was a time in her life where she accepted the transition, the changes, the phases, and the downs that came before every up.

Reborn almost four years later, this PHAZE accepts and goes with the flow of how media is integrated into almost every part of our lives. From our phones to subtle advertisements, media is an inevitable part of life and how we interact/learn from each other. Media however can be just like high school; attention on the popular and little recognition for those bold, different and true to themselves. PHAZE strives to push those boundaries of what is popular or trending and instead, deliver raw, amazing and almost always "not-recognized-enough" talent. As cliche as it may sound, PHAZE truly is a platform for people like us and you. People who work hard every day to achieve their dreams. Why not bump some Rihanna and an underground Brooklyn artist in the same playlist? 

With that being said, PHAZE elevates and appreciates every kind of art and creativity that exists out there. We foster a community that delivers intersectional content, new perspectives and interactive mediums. We continue to bend and expand the lens of media and art to create new and innovative ways of interacting with it in our growing digital age. Welcome to PHAZE.