"Jane the Virgin" Season 4 Premiere Review

Written by Amber Shemesh


The new season of “Jane the Virgin” began as most of the show’s episodes have begun: with a recapitulation recited from the voice of the classic, male narrator. But this time, in what was the episode’s first slew of plot-twists, the narrator's familiar voice was interrupted by an alternative, female voice.


Just within the first few minutes of Season 4, Episode 1 of the show, it’s evident that “Jane the Virgin” is undergoing major changes, not only with the narrators, but with the characters as well. One noticeable difference is the change in actors for Mateo, Jane Villanueva’s son. While the new season continued where the last season left off, in the same time frame, Mateo should not have aged or changed appearances that much; however, the narrator humorously acknowledges the replacement and ascribes it to the changing nature of telenovelas.


In this season, the aftermath of Season 3’s events unfold, and both narrators tell of Jane’s romantic history with Adam (“the Virgo”), the artistic, sentimental character responsible for the introduction of the female narrator. Serendipity and unpredictability remain staples to the show, and by pure coincidence, Adam re-finds Jane via a letter hidden in her old house.


In typical “Jane the Virgin” style, Adam is not Jane’s sole romantic interest, and the plotline follows Jane, Rafael, and Petra’s romantic triangle, which gets complicated with misinterpretation and unsaid feelings. In another case of complication, Jane’s telenovela-star father, Rogelio, is swept up in a battle with his ex-girlfriend/ incoming baby mother for legal rights to their unborn daughter. Meanwhile, Xiomara- Jane’s mother- and Rogelio still haven’t had time to go on their honeymoon, considering that they got married in Season 3’s finale.


While the episode reveals changes to the show’s tone, narration, and characters, “Jane the Virgin” appears to maintain its amalgamation of humor and drama in a manner that is quintessential to the show.

Edited by: Elyse Notarianni


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