"IT" Movie Review

written by Ofonime Idiong


“IT” is on its way to becoming the highest grossing horror film of all time, and it is no surprise seeing not only how well written, but brilliantly directed “IT” was. Not because “IT” is truly that terrifying, but because “IT” brings alive a Nostalgic flair to screen that has the power to captivate audiences of all ages (or at least those 18+) .

Directed by Andrés Muschietti and based on the  Stephen King 1986 novel of the same name, “IT” is one of few movies that truly leave one feeling satisfied once the credits start to role and they leave the theater. It is not just another scary movie, but it is also a movie about finding your strength even when you do not think you can. It in its own way is a coming of age tale. It’s about friendship, and standing up for not just yourself but for those who you love. Each of characters were developed authentically, each character with their own reason to be there.The film is comprised of complex characters with each one having  their own personal reason to defeat Pennywise. I found myself rooting for them each step of the way hoping that they succeeded. The story of friends who go on an adventure together to defeat the greater evil, and in the end, are better people than when they started is one that will never go out of style.

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There is structural comic relief though the movie that does not seem forced, and adds character to the movie. Comedy is a stylistic choice that a lot of Horror directors have tried to incorporate into their movies for some time now. Yet not many have been as successful as “IT.” Through Finn Wolfhard’ s character of Richie Tozier, there is comic relief that guides the audience and relieves the tension that the movie brings with it.  

But then of course, when you least expect it, as your laughing at Richie and think all is well, “IT” comes out of the shadows and scares the living lights out of you. Don’t be fooled, “IT” is not just a coming of age tell. It will scare you, and leave you on the edge of your seat. Bill Skarsgard was a brilliant Pennywise, with that eerie smile, and devilish eyes, and the fear he brings to your heart Skarsgard’s Pennywise was truly brilliant. With jump scares that left you on the edge of your seat begging the fright fest to stop, but wanting more at the same time. Skarsgard managed to bring a character to life that is larger than life. His costume a mix of the old and new, a possible ode to the first Pennywise brought to life by the legendary Tim Curry. The makeup and prosthetics added to bringing this childhood horror to life. Pennywise is truly a site to be seen.

But there is more, the visuals in the movie are astounding. The colors, the lighting and setting all work together to bring this larger than life movie to life on that big screen. It is not one of those movies you wait until  sites have the pirated HD version and then wait to watch it. “IT” is a movie that deserves to be seen in theaters. “IT” is a great movie, on that Director Andrés Muschietti should be proud of, especially since this is a Stephen King adaptation. Stephen King adaptations are notorious for not always being must-see films. Stephen King is arguably one of the greatest writers of our time, with a mastery of words we see only once in a lifetime. Bringing to life of his works is no small feat. How do you emote the same feelings on screen, that King does in his work? It is almost impossible, and that is probably why there is an “IT” part 2, one could not cover an entire King novel in 2 hours.  Will I be in theaters for “IT” part 2? You bet your bottom dollar I will. Part 1 left me wanting more.

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Edited by Jenna Caldwell

Neah Gray